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Water Audit

Water and sewer billing frequently contain errors that go undetected.  The agencies that provide water and monitor sewage routinely overcharge businesses for unused volume.


For businesses in which water is a significant component to their operations, not having water accounts checked for accuracy could wind up costing thousands of dollars every year.


The only way to guarantee that you are not paying too much is to have your bills analyzed and property inspected. For some business, a significant portion of your profits may be going down the drain.


Elite’s Water and Sewer Account Audit is a detailed review of up to 36 previous months for errors and overcharges. Once identified, erroneous charges are challenged, corrected and any overpayment is recovered on your behalf.


Getting started is simple as 1, 2, 3...

  • All we require is a recent statement for each account being audited.
  • A simple agreement outlining what we will do and what you can expect from us.
  • A Letter of Authorization allowing us to communicate directly with your suppliers to gather billing
    information and requests refunds on your behalf.

Ours is a contingency-based audit so this means there is never any out of pocket or upfront fees…

We only get paid when you receive a refund or credit.


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