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Thank you for visiting Elite Refunds. Our mission for our clients is to ensure that year in and year out, they get the most value for their operations dollar in every market condition, and most importantly - that our clients never pay more than they should for the resources they use.


We invite you to benefit from Elite Refunds Three Phase System for maximizing operations spending
with our complete utility account audit service.

How the Elite System Works

Historical Analysis

The initial step in maximizing our clients resource ROI is to first make sure they haven't been overcharged in the past.

Our historical analysis reviews up to 36 previous months in search of errors, overcharges and missed opportunities.

Once identified, we challenge, correct and when applicable, recover refunds and/or credits on behalf of our clients.


Account Optimization

During the course of the initial analysis, our experts become quite familiar with the nature of your business model and consumption. From that point, they are able to determine what programs, rate classifications and adjustments can be implemented to save you even more money going forward.


Supply Contract Analysis

Many of the resources our clients use to support their businesses are acquired through third party suppliers. The final phase in the Elite System is the evaluation of our clients vendors and supply contracts. Based on the needs identified through the account audit process, we are able to make sound recommendations to either maintain or improve these relationships.


Getting Started has never been easier, and as always, there is never any upfront or out of pocket expense for our service.

We only get paid if we recover or save you money! So there is absolutely no risks and every reason to get started today.


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Choose from any of the following areas to have Elite recover or save you money!

Seven out of 10 energy account audits discover errors, overcharges or missed opportunities.

With our detailed analysis of your electric and natural gas accounts we will ensure firstly that you haven't overpaid in the past.

Then, we will do everything in our scope of knowledge and experience to make sure ...


Although Communications Technology has advanced significantly over the years, the  methodology and accuracy of the billing

has not.

It is an industry notoriously challenged by acquisitions, divestitures, legacy billing platforms, evolving technology, and cumbersome contracting and billing practices.

Elite Reffunds offers intelligent and innovative distribution solutions guaranteed to reduce your parcel shipping costs up to 30%. Whether you are a start-up or an enterprise level organization, we have services and solutions that will lower your freight costs.

From audit and recovery, spend analysis to contract ....


Water and Sewer billing frequently contain errors that go undetected.  The agencies that provide water and monitor sewage routinely overcharge businesses for unused volume.

For businesses in which water is a significant component to their operations, not having water accounts checked for accuracy could wind up ..


It's a fact: Most businesses are over-spending on waste disposal and recycling expenses. Elite Refunds can help you go green while reducing costs on this often over-looked line item. We develop long-term sustainable solutions for all of your waste streams and can assist with implementing green purchasing ...

Elite Refunds will check for any energy curtailment programs in your area, where you can receive monetary compensation by reducing your electic load during peak demand times. We research your company to know exactly what to turn off in order to meet the quota so your company can receive money.

Improve your bottom line and exced sustainability goals while offsetting capital investment. With the expertise to aggregate utility incentives, tax benefits and applicable grant funding, designs and applies comprehensive solutions offering robust energy savings and an attractive ROI. Our on-bill financing ..

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